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Special Needs Trusts – SNT and SSI

As discussed in the previous posts on SSI, individuals with disabilities who receive SSI must meet a “resource eligibility test” and show less than $2,000 in convertible resources. SSI is designed only to provide financial help for food, shelter and clothing. Anything beyond these three things is outside the scope of SSI. In order to…
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Social Security Turns Eighty Years Old – A Discussion of SSI and SSDI

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which among other things allows the Federal Government to provide financial assistance to people who because of disability are unable to work. Two of these are programs are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which is funded by social security tax revenue and…
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Seated elderly mans hands being held by younger woman's hands

Extending Guardianship Authority Across State Lines

I am my mother’s legal guardian and we are moving to Massachusetts from New York– what do I need to do to make sure Massachusetts recognizes my guardianship authority? The Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act “UAGPPJA” makes it significantly easier for those under guardianship, and those with guardianship authority, to be geographically…
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Durable Power of Attorney

Write a Durable Power of Attorney While You Retain Capacity

A previous post discussed the importance of writing a Will while testamentary capacity can still be proven. This post discusses another inexpensive estate planning document — the Durable Power of Attorney. A regular Power of Attorney gives another person (Attorney-in-Fact) authority to manage your financial affairs, but authority is automatically terminated if/when you were to…
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Long Term Care Planning: Qualifying for Medicaid / MassHealth Assistance

Frank Grimaldi Law Can Help Protect the Assets of Your Spouse or Dependents When Qualifying for Medicaid / MassHealth Assistance Whether age or illness related, an individual’s need for nursing home care is sometimes inevitable. In the Boston-Cambridge area this level of care is often cost prohibitive resulting in the need to apply for Medicaid/MassHealth…
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