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To help fund $1.5 trillion dollars in new spending,  President Biden wants to eliminate the “stepped-up basis” applied to inherited assets. The President is selling this as a tax on “the rich.”  However, contrary to what the President, Senator Warren and others say, eliminating the “stepped-up basis” will definitely be detrimental and costly for middle…
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Petition to Partition

What if one co-owner of real estate wants to sell, and the other co-owner does not? When Real Estate Owners Cannot Agree Short answer: Petition to Partition. Owning real estate, just land or land with improvements is desired by many. Although ownership of real estate is considered an asset, it often entails obligations, such as…
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Division of Assets in Divorce Proceedings

Marital property is defined as all the assets, real estate, interests, etc. obtained during the marriage. This includes the marital home, investment properties, bank accounts (regardless of whether they were individually or jointly held), retirement accounts, vehicles (even if they are currently financed), personal property (furniture, jewelry, etc.), and everything else you may have come…
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Legal Aspects of Divorce in Massachusetts

Fault and No-Fault Divorce in Massachusetts Divorce is the legal termination of a marital union by a court in a legal proceeding. All divorce involves a party’s petition or complaint for divorce. Laws guiding the process of divorce vary from state to state. Historically, a party had to prove the other party was at fault…
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Alimony by the Numbers

How much alimony will I need to pay/how much alimony will I receive? If you are contemplating divorce, one of the many issues of concern is alimony. Massachusetts General Laws define alimony as “the periodic payment of support to a recipient spouse who is economically dependent. “ Although the Probate Court Judges are given discretion…
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