Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is a complex area and individuals often benefit from the expert advice of a real estate attorney when navigating real estate transactions or Land Court actions.

Residential Buying and Selling– Our real estate attorney will work directly with you from the marketing of property, to the Offer to Purchase, the Purchase and Sale Agreement (P&S) and through to the Closing. We aim to ensure that the process is as streamlined and cost effective as possible. We will handle price negotiation, offers/counteroffers as well as identify and resolve title and other liability issues. We will make sure your property is properly recorded or registered with the Registry of Deeds and a Homestead Declaration is on file with court. All proceeds of the real estate sale will be properly and promptly disbursed and accounted for.

Financing Issues–If you already own property we can help you determine whether re-financing or a reverse mortgage is the right decision for you. By looking at refinancing or a reverse mortgage in the context of probate law and estate planning we can help you make the decision most in line with your short and long term goals.

Further Information on Real Estate Law