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SSI and Pooled Trusts

Those who collect SSI (Social Security Insurance) must meet a resource eligibility test and show less than $2,000 in resources. The purpose of SSI is to provide three things: Food, Shelter and Clothing. Under Section 1917(d)(4)(C) of the Social Security…

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Special Needs Trusts – SNT and SSI

As discussed in the previous posts on SSI, individuals with disabilities who receive SSI must meet a “resource eligibility test” and show less than $2,000 in convertible resources. SSI is designed only to provide financial help for food, shelter and…

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Social Security Turns Eighty Years Old – A Discussion of SSI and SSDI

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which among other things allows the Federal Government to provide financial assistance to people who because of disability are unable to work. Two of these are programs…

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