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Durable Power of Attorney – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Durable Power of Attorney? It is a piece of paper that gives a person of your choosing permission to discuss and make financial and some legal decisions on your behalf. This document is used when you,…

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Durable Power of Attorney

Write a Durable Power of Attorney While You Retain Capacity

A previous post discussed the importance of writing a Will while testamentary capacity can still be proven. This post discusses another inexpensive estate planning document — the Durable Power of Attorney. A regular Power of Attorney gives another person (Attorney-in-Fact)…

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Helping Parents Take Control of End of Life Decisions

As you return to your childhood home this season, there may be more on your mind than just turkey and presents. You may be wondering how to approach the issue of your parents’ aging and whether they have taken the…

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