G.A.L. and Professional Court Appointments

Guardian ad Litem–Attorney Grimaldi has been appointed by Middlesex, Suffolk, Bristol, and Norfolk County Courts to act as a Guardian ad Litem. In this capacity he evaluates, investigates and reports on issues of child custody, conservatorship proceedings, guardianship proceedings and complex fiduciary accounts. He approaches each appointment with complete impartiality and interviews all interested parties, arranges site visits and reviews the written or oral reports of other professionals (if needed) in order to write a comprehensive Guardian ad Litem Report. Attorney Grimaldi is well respected by judges and colleagues in the legal community for his work as a Guardian ad Litem.

Professional Guardian and Conservator—Attorney Grimaldi has been appointed by Middlesex, Suffolk, Bristol, Norfolk and Essex Country Courts and by private parties to act as a Professional Guardian and Conservator for a protected person (minor, elder or mentally ill individual). Attorney Grimaldi is usually appointed in one of two circumstances: (1) when no family member is willing or able to serve as guardian or conservator; or (2) when internal family conflict necessitates an independent neutral party to serve as guardian and/or conservator. Attorney Grimaldi works in tandem with health care professionals, the protected person and family members to encourage and maintain healthy family relationships. Attorney Grimaldi also ensures that financial affairs of the protected person are properly managed.