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Harassment Prevention Orders and Your Attorney-in-Fact

Following the 2015 Massachusetts Appeals Court decision in Petriello v. Indresano it is established law that your attorney-in-fact may seek a harassment prevention order under M.G.L. c. 258E. This result can prove to be a double edged sword in the…

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Obtaining Guardianship to Authorize Transfer to Nursing Home

Question: My Mother was admitted to a Dementia Unit at our local hospital. She does not have a Health Care Proxy or a Durable Power of Attorney. The hospital tells me that the long term care facilities will not accept…

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Durable Power of Attorney – Sale of Parent’s Home

Question: My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia and has moved out of her house and into mine. I have Power of Attorney from my Mother. What should I do with my mother’s house? When we receive a question…

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License to Sell and Power of Attorney

Question- I have Power of Attorney from my Mother and I am trying to sell her house. I have just been told I need a “License to Sell.” What does that mean and what should I do? A License to…

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Durable Power of Attorney

Write a Durable Power of Attorney While You Retain Capacity

A previous post discussed the importance of writing a Will while testamentary capacity can still be proven. This post discusses another inexpensive estate planning document — the Durable Power of Attorney. A regular Power of Attorney gives another person (Attorney-in-Fact)…

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Helping Parents Take Control of End of Life Decisions

As you return to your childhood home this season, there may be more on your mind than just turkey and presents. You may be wondering how to approach the issue of your parents’ aging and whether they have taken the…

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