Cambridge Will Contests & Probate of Estates


Will Contests– This occurs when heirs have questions about whether the will represents the actual intent of the testator.  There might be accusations of undue influence, fraud or a belief that someone exploited the testator when he or she was in a vulnerable state.  These accusations can be made by the beneficiaries of will, relatives and/or friends of testator.   We have a great deal of experience in representing parties who feel like there has been some kind of unfairness or pressure on the creator of the will.  We are equally experienced in defending against these claims/accusations. Whether we are prosecuting or defending a case, we pride ourselves on obtaining the evidence to prove our client’s case and present it in a way to either force a settlement or bring it to trial in a time efficient and cost effective manner.         

Probate of Estates–We have a great deal of experience in  probating estates. We are especially skilled and successful in probating complicated and/or problematic  cases and can work as efficiently as possible to find lost property, lost heirs, remedy tax issues, and handle any unforeseen issues that can arise and delay the distribution of the assets. In representing parties in the probate of estates our main goal is to provide legal protections for the Personal Representative so they can rest assured that their job has been done correctly and there will be no future liability or problems.  

Further Information About Wills, Probate ad Will Contests

Frank V. Grimaldi practices estate law, contest wills, and probate estates in Cambridge, MA.