Business and Contract Law / Business Collections

Business and Contract Law–As a long time business owner and landlord, Attorney Grimaldi understands the issues and problems involved in operating a business and making a profit. We can help established businesses with matters such as contracts, collections and employees vs. independent contractors issues. We will help establish your new businesses starting from discussing the best business model, the legal structure (corporation, sole proprietor, LLC, etc.) and we will point out pitfalls for the business owner to avoid. We will provide liability and insurance advice to keep the owners protected and focused on their main endeavor.

Business Collections—For business owners, the bottom line is essential to continued financial success. If clients or customers consistently refuse to pay submitted invoices, it can have deleterious effects on not only your goodwill but also office operations. Hiring an attorney may be your only option. Let us work with you determine the best way for you to receive any outstanding funds owed to you. Depending on your need, our efforts range from demand letters, small claims filings, civil lawsuits and attaching bank accounts, real estate or wages.