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We view our job as helping people solve legal problems that arise in our modern lives. Legal problems are sometimes just one more responsibility that must be shouldered, but no one should go through it alone. Our goal is to lift your legal problem from your shoulders and put it on ours – enabling you to resume normalcy in your life as much as possible.

We focus our expertise by providing aid and advice in two important areas: Human Relationships and Financial Matters. Legal problems in human relationships can take many forms. Taking care of a child, elderly person, or a family member with deteriorating mental health can make one feel out of his or her depth when determining how best to provide for that person, medically, financially, physically, legally and emotionally. Intra-family disputes over inheritances business disputes, domestic relationships, and custodial and support arrangements can also spiral out of control when you are not aware of the legal support and options available to you. Problems can also arise due to injuries received in accidents, at work or as victims of a crime, or dealing with a tragic event.

Let our capable and experienced attorneys advise you on how to solve or head-off an anticipated or current legal problem through our pro-active approach. Financial problems can also take many forms. Money is something we all need to survive. Taking care of ourselves and others can involve financial planning to ensure our, and our dependents’ financial future Proper estate planning includes making appropriate business and personal financial decisions, applying for Medicaid or other long term health insurance, establishing trusts, executing a last will and testament, health care proxy and a durable power of attorney. This period in your life can be a stressful journey through uncharted waters. Legal guidance with a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate attorney can make this journey a success instead of a failure. Find out how we can help you advance from a person with stressful legal problems to a person in control of his or her future.